Ruane Manning

Ruane  Manning is an internationally known award-winning artist who excels at breathing life into his masterpieces using light, shadows, and minute details. The majority of his work consists of nature-based oil paintings, but Manning is also a master sculptor.

Although he is an internationally known painter and sculptor, little is known about his early life and even less is documented about his personal life. Mr. Manning studied art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for several years to perfect his craft, and he then moved to the West Coast. Between 1979 and 1984, Manning lived in California. He did a considerable amount of traveling throughout the western part of the country while living there. Later in his life, he settled in southern New Jersey, where he now lives with his family and many animal friends.

Ruane Manning has a deep love of nature that spills onto the canvas with every stroke of his brush. Although he was artistic from a young age, he took art classes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to learn as much as possible. He won several awards for his illustrations and sculptures from the Philadelphia Art Alliance. After he graduated from art school, he spent several years as an advertising artist. In 1968, Manning sold his first print, which caused his career as an artist to skyrocket. The public fell in love with his spectacular images of nature, people, and animals. Some of his famous works include Father and Son, which is a portrait of a father black lab and his puppy; Fields of Color, which depicts a rolling countryside with two farm houses, trees, and lush red flowers; Flower Basket with Cats, which shows two kittens in a white basket with pink flowers; and Mediterranean Splendor, which is a charming painting of a coastal village with boats in the small harbor. Over the course of his career, Manning has earned international acclaim for his original masterpieces created for prestigious companies such as the Franklin Mint, the Danbury Mint, and the Hamilton Collection. His sculptures also grace the collections of former U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter. People enjoy Manning’s paintings so much that many of his images can now be seen on puzzles, plates, calendars, and more. Manning and his family settled down on a farm in southern New Jersey. Today, Ruane Manning is still painting beautiful images of nature in his home studio. He continues to paint pictures of animals, plants, Native Americans, sidewalk cafes, and quaint shops.  


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