Zorina Baldescu


Romanian painter, born in 1954 in Bucharest.

Zorina Baldescu has been working as a children’s books illustrator for a lot of years . She is specialized in creating delightful fairy tale images featuring mermaids, princesses, fairies, unicorns and more. (https://thebiem.com/)

Zorina’s images have been licensed for jigsaw puzzles and stationery products worldwide.
– Institute (Academy) of Fine Arts “Nicolae Grigorescu” – Bucharest 1974-1978 – Section Monumental Arts-Restoration
– Praiseworthy stipend “Ion Andreescu” 1976-1977
– Bachelor of Arts, specialised in monumental arts and restoration.

During the last twenty years my work has included:
• illustrating books for children
• illustrating manuals, didactic pictures
• illustrating science books: zoology, botany, medicine, surgery
• posters, prospectuses, packaging, logotypes
• greeting cards, calendars, diaries, jigsaw puzzles
• writing and illustrating my own books for children

Techniques: gouache, tempera, water colours, coloured chalk, computer (Adobe PhotoShop, Corel, PowerPoint)

-Participation at the most important national and municipal exhibitions;
– -Wall paintings, paintings and graphics acquired by private collectors from Romania, Germany, France, Denmark, Spain, Austria and Canada including: portraits, still-lifes, landscapes, paintings reproductions, icons, decorative paintings.
Techniques: oil, tempera, water colours, coloured chalk, coal, glazes-ceramics, faience, metal paintings



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