Vladimir Mukhin


(Владимир Мухин ), Russian painter, was born in 1971, Karaganda, The Kazakh, Russia. He studied in the Savitsky Penza Art School and in the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Moscow. He is a member of the International Art Foundation and of the Union of Russian Artists. Union of arts of Russia. He is the full member of the International Academy of Arts -Academician. (Xanax)
Medal of Honour of the International Academy of Arts in 2009;
Gold medal of the Natalia Sats Academy in 2010;
Golden award of the Rachmaninov and Mendeleev Academy in 2011;
Diplomas of the International Academy of Arts and other public institutions;
The laureate and prize-winner of international painting competitions;
The participant of The Golden Brush exhibition and competition projects of modern painting in Moscow.
Works of the artist are held in private collections by collectors from Russia, the USA, Canada, France and China.
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