Victor Nizovtsev

Victor Nizovtsev  ( Viktor Nizovtsev )  

. Soon the family moved to Moldova, to the city of Kotovsk. At the age of nine, Victor entered the children’s art school of arts. Then there was the School of Arts named after Ilya Repin in Chisinau and the University of Industrial Art in St. Petersburg.

After graduating from the university, Viktor Nizovtsev returned to Kotovsk, but four years later he left Moldavia and immigrated to the United States. In this country, he now lives and works.

It’s hard  to determine which genre can be attributed to the bulk of Victor’s work, so we came up with a safe “illustration.” Illustrations of kindness and beauty. And faith in the tale. A fairy tale German, Russian, Greek. Here and the tales of the Brothers Grimm and Bazhov’s tales. However, let’s look.

Such different and simply fabulous works. Whether it’s an autumnal landscape or an illustration to a fairy tale. Everything is just very beautiful. And magical. And fabulously.