Mila Marquis


Artist Mila Marquis has been drawing and painting ever since she was able to hold a pen. She always wanted to do something artistic. She started by studying fashion design and worked initially as a designer. Since that job wasn’t compatible with being a mum, she took a multimedia crash course for one year, which taught her to work with the computer. Mila started to live on her artwork¬†about ten years ago, with a focus on fashion illustration in the beginning.
The inspiration for her artwork usually comes from deep inside. She begins to scribble and her pencil does the work. Or, she just relaxes, daydreaming and watching Mother Nature. When she needs inspiration from outside, she looks at stacks of other artwork in magazines and books, or on the Internet. As she reads books, images pop up in her mind. (Xanax)
Mila uses a great variety of techniques pencils, watercolours, goache, acrylics (a lot!)) colour pencils, and crayons. Sometimes it’s a big mix of everything and sometimes it’s just one technique. Sometimes she leaves a design as is and sometimes she uses Photoshop to further work on the drawings and paintings. Some of her artwork is done completely on Photoshop on a graphic pad. Her approach always depends on the look and atmosphere she is aiming for!
In general, Mila makes sketches first to have a rough overview and some idea about the colour scheme. She lets the small details develop and sometimes the basic colours change while she works on the piece. If it makes her feel happy to look at the finished design, then it’s good!!! Mila loves it when the illustrations have a sort of twist in them so that they are not just superficially beautiful, but also offer a small glimpse of the other side of the moon.
Rainbow Woodland is Mila’s first fabric collection for Red Rooster. She also licenses her artwork for greeting cards, gift wrap, calendars, notebooks and journals, book covers, tableware, puzzles, garden flags, and canvas tote bags. One of the best parts of her work is to hear that her artwork brings happiness into other people’s lives.
Mila lives in Hamburg, Germany with her two wonderful boys, a fluffy white dog, two greedy guinea pigs, and a wise turtle. Check out more of Mila’s appealing artwork at www.facebook.commilamarquisillustration.
Fabric Collections
A Bundle of Pink, Rainbow Woodland
A Bundle of Pink, Rainbow Woodland