Marek Rużyk 


Polish painter Marek Rużyk ( born in 1965 ), creates beautiful seascapes and marine art in the grand tradition of the Romantic era. Reminiscent of 19th-century artists like Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, these oil paintings portray the elegance and majesty of ships at sea.

Rużyk’s work is characterized by his ability to capture the changing light at sea. The gentle rays of the setting sun bounce off ocean waves or burns fiery red, washing the scene in warm colors. His seascape paintings bring forth powerful emotion, whether it be through crashing waves or the eerie stillness of the water.

While the painter’s marine art pays homage to the battle between nature and manmade ships, humans are largely absent from the pieces, save for a few figures on rafts. His work recalls a time when man was dependent on the sea, an age of exploration where adventure and danger were intertwined.

MAREK RUŻYK   invites you to his world of light, colour and water. Inspired by the beauty of seascape and images of ships fighting powerful waves against often dramatic skies – he continues the tradition of marine art from the Romantic Era.
  The artist also finds inspiration in human forms that can be seen in his portraits of nudes or skillful explorations of the freedom in arrangements of still life.