Gennadiy Kirichenko

(  Gennadiy  Kirichenko , Gennady Kirichenko  )


About himself :
“I was born on May 16, 1968 in Lugansk in a simple working-class family, my father was a chauffeur, and my mother was a confectioner on a bread-baking complex. I was the firstborn in my family, also have a younger brother. Attraction to the creativity and drawing appeared very early. As far as I remember myself, it was always interesting for me to build something, paint, and learn unfamiliar stuff. I remember very clearly my first watercolorpaints, shapeless brushes and a little cruet stand for water…
Once, in early childhood, walking with my father in the park, we saw artists working en plein air and came up to one of them, he was sitting on a folding chair and with a pencil was sketching a thick trunk of an oak on a paper. And I was so surprised to see, and I didn’t understand, how is it possible to transfer a rough bark of the tree so minutely and authentically! I remember my father’s words: “study, in winter you will sit at home in warmth and paint”. Maybe this meeting and his words became the starting point in a boy’s life.  



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