Cheri Wollenberg



Cheri is an oil painter, born in 1947 in United States. She paints still lifes, farm animals and landscapes. She has a Bachelors of Art and a Masters Degree in Art Education and is a member of Oklahoma Art Guild, Duncan Art Guild and Oklahoma Daily Painters Group.

She blogs about her paintings and life experiences here at

“I live on a farm-ranch in Oklahoma. Cattle graze behind our house. We garden and raise chickens for a hobby. Our house is a two story home built in the early 1900’s – very farmhouse chic, and my studio is located on the second floor. I hold two degrees in art, but painting is my passion. I am inspired to paint things around me and I paint almost daily. Most of my subjects are farm animals, still lifes arranged with my favorite things, and landscapes of Oklahoma or where I have traveled. ( “:

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