Anet du Toit

Anet du Toit is a full time fine art artist based in Bethal, Mpumalanga, South Africa.
The first time she picked up a paint brush was in 2007 when a friend challenged her.
Her favorite subject is wild animals, but she does commissioned portrait studies as well, and anything people troughs at her, which makes life more interesting and challenging. She paints in a more realistic style. She feels that success is achieved with every satisfied customer.
She shares progress photos of all her work on her Facebook Art page, from the sketch, to the finished painting. Please follow the link if you are interested in following the progress:
Her first painting published was in the January/February edition of Animal talk magazine, as well as the January/February issue of Kitty Cat’s online magazine.
Her goal for 2014 will be to paint as much as she can, to paint every painting as if it will be her last, with all her heart, but most of all, with love and for your enjoyment.She can be contacted at

Anet du Toit – facebook

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