Andres Orpinas

Gifted artist Andres Orpinas was born in Chile and he began his art studies when only a child. He came to America in 1962 and quickly became popular. Andres is known for his lovely, romantic landscapes, still lives and paintings of children. His works share an intimacy with the viewer that has made them extremely popular as prints, collectable plates and as needlepoints.

A place to enter as a sanctuary from today’s busy lifestyle.

Andres Orpinas Andres Orpinas1 Andres Orpinas2 Andres Orpinas7 Andres Orpinas6 Andres Orpinas5 Andres Orpinas4 Andres Orpinas3 Andres Orpinas9 Andres Orpinas10 Andres Orpinas11 Andres Orpinas12 Andres Orpinas13 Andres Orpinas14 Andres Orpinas15 Andres Orpinas16 Andres Orpinas17 Andres Orpinas18 Andres Orpinas23 Andres Orpinas22 Andres Orpinas21 Andres Orpinas20 Andres Orpinas19 Andres Orpinas24 Andres Orpinas25 Andres Orpinas26 andres orpinas27 Andres Orpinas28 Andres Orpinas34 Andres Orpinas33 Andres Orpinas31 Andres Orpinas30 Andres Orpinas29 Andres Orpinas35 ANDRES ORPINAS36 ANDRES ORPINAS37 ANDRES ORPINAS38 Andres Orpinas39